Andreas Prokop

Professor (Cell Biology)

Manchester, UK

since 2014: Professor of Cellular & Developmental Neurobiology || 2004: Senior lecturer, Faculty of Life Sciences (now Faculty of Biology, Medicine & Health), Manchester, UK || 2000: Independent Heisenberg fellow, Inst. of Genetics, Mainz, Germany || 1997-2000: Postdoc, Inst. of Genetics, Mainz, Germany || 1993-1997: Postdoctoral fellow (Marie Curie & Lloyd's of London Tercentenery Foundation), Dept. of Zoology, Cambridge, UK || 1989-1993: Ph.D. at the Inst. of Genetics, Mainz, Germany || 1983-1989: Studies at Bayreuth then Cologne University, Germany



Co-workers & collaborators

Sanjai Patel

John Roote

Jessica Sumner

Maggy Fostier

Samantha Clarke

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