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posted on 2021-05-11, 14:48 authored by Timon OefeleinTimon Oefelein
This study explores the early impact of the open access Springer Compact articles published in 2019 and 2020 under the Read and Publish agreement between Springer Nature and the BIBSAM consortium. The corresponding authors of the articles are affiliated with one of participating member institutions of the agreement. Using a variety of indicators, the study sheds new light on the scope and nature of the wider and diverse impact of this large-scale publication set. The overall spirit of the study is explorative in nature, and thus, does not draw on traditional metrics, such as citations, for the purpose of formal impact assessment. The main part of the study, Part I, looks at the Publishing element with a view to capture the rich nature of impact, ranging from societal impact to geographic reach and international collaboration. The analysis is on early-stage impact as evidenced in the first few years of publication. Where possible, the data points have been visualized, often in experimental ways. Part II of the study provides qualitative data from a SpringerLink user survey to provide insights into user satisfaction of SpringerLink content that is part of the Reading element of the agreement. Please also note that the data and resulting analysis comes with given limitations as outlined on page 8. The work seeks to stimulate discussion and welcomes input and suggestions for further study.


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