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posted on 2016-09-23, 13:10 authored by A. Murat ErenA. Murat Eren
Anvi'o profiles for patients P200, P202, P204, P206, P207, P208, P209, P210, P211, P212, P213, P214, P215, P216, P217, P218, P219, P423, P427, P500, P502, P503.

Anvi'o profiles are generated using anvi'o v2.0.2. If you have anvi'o v2.0.2 running on your system, run the following command in a given directory to visualize the metagenome:

$ anvi-interactive -p PROFILE.db -c CONTIGS.db

From the interface that will pop-up in your browser, you can access to Vineis et al's genome bins by loading the collection by using the "Load Bin Collections" interface, and selecting "MANUAL" from the list.

You can use a later version of anvi'o as far as the version number starts with v2. However, you may be required to use anvi'o upgrade scripts to upgrade your database files.