A. Murat Eren

Assistant Professor (Microbial ecology)

University of Chicago


  • Oligotyping analysis of the human oral microbiome
  • Sewage Reflects the Microbiomes of Human Populations
  • A single genus in the gut microbiome reflects host preference and specificity
  • VAMPS: a website for visualization and analysis of microbial population structures
  • SeaBase: a multispecies transcriptomic resource and platform for gene network inference
  • Minimum entropy decomposition: Unsupervised oligotyping for sensitive partitioning of high-throughput marker gene sequences
  • Humpback whale populations share a core skin bacterial community: towards a health index for marine mammals?
  • Host-specificity among abundant and rare taxa in the sponge microbiome
  • Ecological Succession and Stochastic Variation in the Assembly of Arabidopsis thaliana Phyllosphere Communities
  • Dynamics of tongue microbial communities with single-nucleotide resolution using oligotyping
  • DRISEE overestimates errors in metagenomic sequencing data
  • Discovering new indicators of fecal pollution
  • Blautia and Prevotella sequences distinguish human and animal fecal pollution in Brazil surface waters
  • Sewage reflects the distribution of human faecal Lachnospiraceae
  • Oligotyping: differentiating between closely related microbial taxa using 16S rRNA gene data
  • Multiphasic analysis of the temporal development of the distal gut microbiota in patients following ileal pouch anal anastomosis
  • Histamine-2 receptor blockers alter the fecal microbiota in premature infants
  • A filtering method to generate high quality short reads using Illumina paired-end technology
  • Exploring the diversity of Gardnerella vaginalis in the genitourinary tract microbiota of monogamous couples through subtle nucleotide variation

A. Murat Eren's public data