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A relational database of Roman law based on Justinian’s Digest

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posted on 2020-12-18, 22:23 authored by Marton RibaryMarton Ribary

The Digest is the definitive Roman law compendium compiled under the Byzantine emperor Justinian I (533 CE). This relational database includes the text of Theodor Mommsen’s authoritative edition of the Digest with accompanying information about its compositional structure and its featured jurists. The data was collected from raw text files and transformed to a structured machine-readable form in a Python coding environment. Pre-processed data stored in flat files were loaded to a single super lightweight SQLite database (<7Mb) which chains six tables to each other in many-to-one relationships. The database can be easily browsed, queries and expanded in a variety of free-to-use interfaces. Apart from reliable, efficient and structured information retrieval, the database assists large scale quantitative analysis and it can be used as the starting point for further computer-assisted Roman law projects.

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Leverhulme Trust (ECF-2019-418)