Marton Ribary is Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow at the School of Law of the University of Surrey. His project experiments with computational methods within the laboratory conditions provided by closed historical corpora of Roman and Rabbinic law. The project is the first to model the document-, conceptual- and rule structure of a legal domain in a systematic and integrated manner, and the first to apply such methods to historical legal data. Marton received an MA in Library and Information Studies from UCL (2019) and a PhD from the University of Manchester (2018) for a thesis written on the development of abstraction and scientific language in Rabbinic and Roman law. He has a background in Philosophy, Classics and Hebrew (MA, Budapest) and the history of Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism and early Christianity (MPhil, Oxford). He studied Hebrew and Talmud in Jerusalem, and taught Talmud for four years at Leo Baeck College, London's Progressive Rabbinical Seminary.

Marton Ribary's public data