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W(CO)5(L)-Catalyzed Formal Cope Rearrangement of Allenyl Silyl Enol Ethers

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posted on 14.04.2005 by Tomoya Miura, Koichi Kiyota, Hiroyuki Kusama, Nobuharu Iwasawa
On treatment of 5-siloxyhexa-1,2,5-trienes with a catalytic amount of W(CO)6 under photoirradiation, formal Cope rearrangement proceeded to give 2-siloxyhex-1-en-5-ynes in good yield. The electrophilic activation of the allenyl moiety by W(CO)5 triggers the intramolecular attack of the silyl enol ether in a 6-endo manner to produce a cyclohexenyl tungsten species. Carbon−carbon bond cleavage occurs by electron donation from the anionic W(CO)5 into the silyloxonium moiety to afford the products with regeneration of the W(CO)5(L).