The surrogate function for LUCID's Timepix detector TPX0, pixel 00000

2014-08-12T15:53:56Z (GMT) by Tom Whyntie Nicole Shearer
<p>This is a plot of the <em>surrogate function</em> that describes the relationship between the number of Time-over-Threshold (ToT) counts and the energy measured by the Timepix detector [1], as described by Jakubek et al [2, 3]. The function plotted uses calibration constants obtained for pixel 00000 of the LUCID experiment's TPX 0 detector, where <em>a</em> = 2.24852, <em>b</em> = 80.6086, <em>c</em> = 252.004 and <em>t</em> = -0.62902.</p> <p>This figure is <strong>I000164</strong> in the CERN@school document inventory.</p> <p>[1] X. Llopart et al, "Timepix, a 65k programmable pixel readout chip for arrival time, energy and/or photon counting measurements", Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A. <strong>581</strong> (2007) 485-494</p> <p>[2] J. Jakubek et al, "Pixel detectors for imaging with heavy charged particles", Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A. <strong>591</strong> (2008) 155-158</p> <p>[3] J. Jakubek, "Precise energy calibration of pixel detector working in time-over-threshold mode", Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A. <strong>633</strong> (2010) S262--S266</p>