Tom Whyntie

Research Associate
Winchester/London, United Kingdom
I am a Research Associate in Big Data for Medical Imaging with the Translational Imaging Group (TIG) at University College London (UCL). Funded by the Wellcome Trust, my current role involves applying machine learning techniques to the analysis of clinical-grade MRI scans in order to develop automated systems for anomaly detection and diagnosis. I have come to the world of Big Data and medical imaging from the world of particle physics, having worked on the Monopole and Exotics Detector at the LHC (MoEDAL) and Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiments looking for magnetic monopoles and dark matter respectively. I read Natural Sciences at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, specialising in Experimental and Theoretical Physics, and I completed my PhD at Imperial College Londonā€˜s High Energy Physics group and CERN.

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