The geometry of the LUCID experiment modelled in Allpix

2014-07-08T23:58:29Z (GMT) by Tom Whyntie
<p>The LUCID experiment as modelled in the Allpix GEANT4 application. A simplified geometry has been used that incorporates the major components of the apparatus, namely: a) the aluminium protective "dome" (a closed cylinder with wall thickness 0.68 mm); b) the Timepix detectors (two shown, with five in total including one mounted horizontally in the base); c) the PCB mounts for the Timepix detectors; d) support posts; e) the 50 mm hemisphere where source particles are created, and; f) LUCID's main aluminium covering plate. Inset: the Timepix detector arrangement in SSTL's original CAD model for comparison.</p> <p>This is <strong>I000163</strong> in the CERN@school image inventory.</p>