The Dhangar Dynasties Of The Deccan

2017-08-13T02:30:01Z (GMT) by TENSING CARLOS RODRIGUES
<p>But a stronger proof of the <i>dhangar</i> origin of the <i>Vijayānagara</i> kings come from the gods they worshipped. Hampi has two majestic temples, one for <i>Virūpākṣa</i> and the other for <i>Viṭhṭhala</i>. <i>Virūpākṣa</i> is none other than <i>Bīrāppa</i>, from the pastoralists’ paired gods <i>Viṭhṭhala-Bīrāppa</i>. Though the <i>Saṅgama</i> brothers claimed descent from <i>Yādu</i>, and Hakka changed his name to <i>Harihara</i> (Hari = Shiva + Hara = Vishnu), they did not abandon their ancestral gods; they simply raised them to the Vedic pantheon : <i>Bīrāppa</i> as Shiva (<i>Virūpākṣa</i>) and <i>Viṭhṭhala</i> as Vishnu (<i>Kṛṣṇa</i>). But they could not do without reminding themselves and the world of their origins : the <i>Viṭhṭhala</i> temple at Hampi has bas-reliefs of <i>dhangar</i> – the only human images among the divine; the <i>dhangar</i> in these images stands with blanket draped over his head, arms resting on a staff and the chin resting on the arm. </p>