The Commonest Speech Sounds: Prevalence Rates for Phonemes of the World

2017-07-10T07:30:05Z (GMT) by Suzy Styles
Prevalence rates of speech-sounds across 1672 languages. Data from PHOIBLE Online. Colour scale indicates range from the listed percentage to the next higher percent. Latest version includes updated colours for more-effective lookup.<br><br>This figure first appeared in Styles SJ (2016) ‘Sensory worlds: Multisensory outcomes of sensory tuning to phoneme structure’ Presentation at the 5th Southern African Microlinguistics Workshop, Bloemfontein, South Africa, November 2016.<br><br>Data source:<br> <a>Moran, S., McCloy, D., & Wright, R. (2014). PHOIBLE Online. Retrieved 2016-10-06, from Leipzig: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology </a><a href=""></a> <br>