The CERN@school MX-10 detector kit: Dell Latitude 3330 laptop - closed

2014-05-06T18:39:34Z (GMT) by Tom Whyntie
<p>The Dell Latitude 3330 laptop, as supplied with the CERN@school MX-10 detector kit [1], used to operate the Timepix hybrid silicon pixel detector [2,3] with the Pixelman software [4]. The laptop is shown with the lid closed.</p> <p>This figure is <strong>I000081</strong> in the CERN@school document inventory.</p> <p>[1] T. Whyntie: "<em>The CERN@school MX-10 detector kit (labelled)</em>", figshare (2014)</p> <p>[2] X. Llopart et al.: "<em>Timepix, a 65k programmable pixel readout chip for arrival time, energy and/or photon counting measurements</em>", Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A. <strong>581</strong> (2007) 485-494</p> <p>[3] J. Jakubek et al.: "<em>USB interface for Medipix2 pixel device enabling energy and position-sensitive detection of heavy charged particles</em>", Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A. <strong>563</strong> (2006) 112-115</p> <p>[4] T. Holý, J. Jakůbek, S. Pospíšil, J. Uher, D. Vavřík, Z. Vykydal: "<em>Data Acquisition and Processing Software Package for Medipix2</em>“, Nucl. Instr. And Meth. A <strong>563</strong> (2006) 254–258</p>



CC BY 4.0