Survey of Norwegian High School Students about Use of Snapchat Stories

2016-06-27T11:42:45Z (GMT) by Jill Walker Rettberg
Data from a survey of 35 students in a Norwegian high school class (mostly 17-year-olds) on 1 June 2016, by Jill Walker Rettberg, Professor of Digital Culture, University of Bergen. See for details.<div><br></div><div>I gathered this data for a project on Snapchat narratives. I want to understand how stories are told on Snapchat. My main method is textual analysis, and this data is simply intended to give me a better idea of whether users actually watch Live stories and other stories, and whether they make them - and to give me some ideas for where to dig deeper as I continue researching stories. I plan to visit more high schools to get more responses, but since Snapchat's interface changed in 2016, the results won't be directly comparable.</div><div><br></div><div>Importantly, this data was collected BEFORE the update in mid-June that made Live Stories and Discover channels look the same. I assume the numbers will change with this interface change.</div><div><br></div>They survey was conducted in Norwegian. One of the images in the fileset shows the survey as administered. The other image shows a translation into English. I have translated the comments as directly as possible before transcribing them into the spreadsheet. The image of a filled out survey is a translation of the Norwegian survey the students actually filled out. <div><br></div><div>The original Google spreadsheet is at<br><div><br></div></div>