Saffold virus 2 (SAFV-2; strain QCW) capsid model

2019-02-23T04:34:26Z (GMT) by Ian M. Mackay Claire YT Wang
A predicted capsid model of Saffold virus type 2 (SAFV-2 QCW; species Cardiovirus B) prepared by CYTW. Model was prepared using computer programs, DeepView/Swiss-Pdb Viewer v4.1.0 and UCSF Chimera v1.7. Sequences for each capsid peptide were threaded through closely matched capsid structures (we matched PDB sequences of the closest relative in the genus <i>Theilovirus: </i>Theiler’s Murine Encephalomyelitis Virus (TMEV) BeAn strain (PDB code: 1tmf) and Mengo Virus (MV; PDB code: 1mec) from the Protein Data Bank (PDB;