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Revistas académicas de arte en bases de datos bibliográficas: disponibilidad en acceso abierto y en bibliotecas de tres instituciones mexicanas

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journal contribution
posted on 22.05.2017 by Rosario Rogel-Salazar, Néstor Daniel Martínez-Domínguez, Ivonne Lujano Vilchis
We identify the presence of Art Scholary Journals in different bibliographic databases. In the case of journals recorded in the Arts & Humanities Citation Index –a&hci, Thomson Reuters isi– we identified their access type (open or by subscription), and its availability in three libraries of Mexican institutions linked to the arts. We found that there are no latinamerican Art Scholary Journals in the a&hci, its availability in open access is limited, as well as its availability in libraries analyzed, ranging from 20 to 6% in the cases analyzed.