Presentations from Japan Open Science Summit (JOSS) 2019

Understanding the data sharing practices of researchers in Japan, China, and globally

Springer Nature sponsored the 2019 Japan Open Science Summit (JOSS) and organized a session on “Understanding the data sharing practices of researchers in Japan, China, and globally”. The summit is the second one of its kind held in Japan, and focused on capturing new trends and practices in open science both in Japan and abroad. It gathered over 500 stakeholders, among them were researchers, URA and funding agencies members, and policy makers.

Numerous large surveys have gathered information on researchers' opinions about data sharing and their practical approaches to data sharing. Our session was a panel of scholarly publishers, funding agencies and academic researchers who have conducted and analysed these surveys and presented their findings and discussed the implications.

This data record holds the presentation slides from this session:

The growing global trend of open data policy - Mark Hahnel, figshare

Five essential factors for data sharing - Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, Springer Nature

Generation of gene expression database for global data sharing - Tomomi Shimogori, RIKEN Center for Brain Science

Implementing policies to enable global data sharing - Ken Kimlicka, Taylor & Francis

Session description in Japanese:

研究データ共有についてのグローバルな議論の高まりを背景に、研究者のデータ共有に対する意見や、その手法・実践についての大規模調査が行われるようになっています。 今後、データ共有に関する様々な取り組みを進めるに当たっては、研究現場におけるデータ共有の実態を正しく理解する必要があり、その観点からこうした調査は非常に重要な意味を持っています。本セッションでは、こうした大規模調査の実施者を中心に学術出版社、ファンド機関、研究者等のステークホルダーが集まり、調査結果を共有すると共に、それぞれの視点における新たな発見や示唆について議論します。