PharmacotherapyDB 1.0: the open catalog of drug therapies for disease

This is the initial release of the PharmacotherapyDB, a catalog of drug therapies for disease. The catalog contains physician curated medical indications.

This release contains 97 diseases and 601 drugs. Between these drug–disease pairs, there are 755 disease-modifying therapies, 390 symptomatic therapies, and 243 non-indications. To enable integrative analyses, drugs and diseases are coded using DrugBank and Disease Ontology identifiers.

Indications were classified by physician curators into three categories:

  • DM -- disease modifying
  • SYM -- symptomatic
  • NOT -- non-indication

This deposition contains the following files:
  • indications.tsv contains drug–disease pairs and their consensus category (DMSYM, or NOT). n_curators refers to how many of the three curators initially assigned the consensus classification. n_resources refers to how many of the four resources (MEDI-HPS, LabeledIn, EHRLink, PREDICT) included the indication.

  • diseases.tsv contains a list of diseases with indications. For each disease, the number of indications per category is provided.

  • drugs.tsv contains a list of drugs with indications. For each drug, the number of indications per category is provided.

  • catalog.xlsx is a spreadsheet with four sheets:

    1. indications — data from indications.tsv
    2. diseases — data from diseases.tsv
    3. drugs — data from drugs.tsv
    4. curation — the classifications from each of the three physician curators (AJGCSH, & PK).
The catalog is released as CC0 1.0. However, please consider that the catalog includes DrugBank and DIsease Ontology identifiers and reference their licenses when appropriate.