Open access options for publishing neuroscience research

2014-06-05T16:47:38Z (GMT) by Erin McKiernan
<p>The field of neuroscience is locking away more research in subscription journals everyday, where many people around the world can’t access it, learn from it, or build on it. Instead, researchers can publish their work as open access, allowing people to access it, download it, and reuse it for free.  This fileset includes a list (in .ods, .xls, and .pdf formats) of journals publishing open access research in neuroscience. Journals are divided up into three categories: (1) open access journals devoted to neuroscience, (2) open access journals which are not devoted exclusively to neuroscience, but publish research articles in the area as part of a broader portfolio, and (3) hybrid journals devoted to neuroscience which are subscription-based but offer an open access option. Each entry includes the title of the journal, publisher, license, article processing charge (APC), existence of fee waivers, and the journal's website. The author welcomes suggestions of journals that should be added to the list, and will update the fileset as needed. This work was originally posted on the author's blog (link below).</p>