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Nature, Grief and Covid-19: Connecting People to Parks During Times of Loss

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posted on 14.04.2020 by Sonya Jakubec, Jannell Rempel, Christian Beckwith, Arika Virapongse, SHIFT
We all feel it – whether looking outside, in a field, at a beach, or on a mountain – nature gives us perspective about life and death. In their presentation, Dr. Sonya Jakubec (Mount Royal University) and Jennell Rempel (Alberta Parks) will share discoveries from collaborative, community-engaged research and parks programming. Here they highlight the ways parks and nature provide peace and comfort, and teach us to grieve – making links to our current, shared global public health crisis. Working in collaboration across health and parks sectors also points the way for important professional practice learning, practical applications and recommendations. Through rich research discoveries, examples and stories, these presenters shine the light on ways to situate public health in a right relationship to social, public and natural places - at a time of distance and disruption.


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