Mitochondrial genome mutations in 13 subunits of respiratory chain complexes in Chinese Han and Mongolian hypertensive individuals

<p>Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) mutations are associated with cardiovascular disease, including hypertension (HTN). Here we performed a genetic and molecular analysis of 13 mtDNA-encoded subunits of respiratory chain complexes in 100 Chinese Han and 80 Mongolian HTN cases, and 100 Han and 42 Mongolian normotension subjects. The total cholesterol of the Mongolian normotensive subjects was higher than that of the Han normotensive group (<i>p</i> < .05). Sequence analysis identified 636 point mutations in the 13 mtDNA-encoded subunits in the Han and Mongolian hypertensive individuals, including 66 in NADH dehydrogenase subunit 1(ND1), 62 in ND2, 71 in COI, 29 in COII, 17 in ATP8, one in ATP6/8, 49 in ATP6, 27 in COIII, 27 in ND3, 14 in ND4L, 74 in ND4, 97 in ND5, 24 in ND6, and 78 in CYTB. Eight of these point mutations were present at significantly different frequencies in Han and Mongolian hypertensive individuals. Thirty-one point mutations were present only in Mongolian hypertensive individuals, while 73 were present only in Han hypertensive individuals. The relation between point mutations in 13 mtDNA-encoded subunits of respiratory chain complexes and HTN is worth to further research in future; however, the functional effects of these mutations require elucidation.</p>