LIS Journals measured for "openness."

2014-04-21T12:43:18Z (GMT) by Micah Vandegrift Chealsye Bowley

File 1: Journals Assessment - Coded Journals 

We coded 111 journals in the field of Library and Information Sceince based on three factors relating to measures of "openness": copyright policy, open access self-archiving policy and open access publishing options.

File 2: Journals Assessment - HOII Factor

A sample of 11 "prestigious" LIS journals, graded based on a measurement proposed in the study, the HOII Factor (How Open Is It). 

File # 3 is the Publication version of file # 2, with an updated title and color-coding.

These data are analyzed in an article published by In the Library with the Lead Pipe (accepted, forthcoming), to be linked here following publication.