Improve Research Visibility and Impact by Academic SEO

2017-10-03T07:25:03Z (GMT) by Nader Ale Ebrahim
The number of citations a paper receives helps to determine the impact of your research. Even if your research is excellent, if no one finds your paper, it won’t be cited. Similar to a company for marketing a retail product, Academic Search Engine Optimization (ASEO) of your journal papers is important to market your research findings. ASEO is almost obligatory if you would like to increase readership of your papers, increase citations and acknowledgment and to create an overall stronger academic visibility, both offline and online. By optimizing your articles, you guarantee that your articles are indexed and gain a higher ranking in general and academic search engines, such as Google Scholar. In order to increase the article visibility and citations, this presentation provides guidelines on how to optimize scholarly literature for academic search engines like Google Scholar. <br>