Electrically meaningful power system test case diagrams (NESTA archive)

2016-08-12T10:26:15Z (GMT) by Paul Cuffe
This collection of images provides simple test system diagrams for most of the test power systems in the NESTA test case archive (see https://arxiv.org/abs/1411.0359) <br><br>It can be hard for researchers to visualize data relevant to these networks. These images were created by applying the techniques described in: <br>P. Cuffe; A. Keane, "Visualizing the Electrical Structure of Power Systems," in <i>IEEE Systems Journal</i>, 2015<br><br>The "Power Transfer" distance was use to create each diagram (see ibid. Section II. 3) As such, the diagrams are electrically meaningful: loosely speaking, buses drawn in close proximity should be able to transact power with each other with ease.<br><br>Buses have been labelled as space permits, starting with the highest voltage buses first.<br><br><br>