Effective and interactive dissemination of diffusion data using MPContribs, plus a demo of UW/SI2 and MPContribs

<p>We will describe in this talk how the general approach taken by MPContribs solves the very specific challenges faced by the UW researchers in effectively disseminating their data to the public. The presented solution developed in the collaborative effort between UW and LBNL is the first to demonstrate how MPContribs can empower research groups through the rapid development and deployment of customized but MP-compatible web applications either using on-site or MP resources. It will also be shown how these efforts directly translate into solutions for the ongoing collaboration with researchers at the Advanced Light Source at LBNL [1] in which we aim to develop a processing pipeline for experimental XAS data from the beamline computer to integrated analysis web apps on MP.</p><p>In our demo portion, we show the integration of the UW/SI2 workflow with MPContribs and JupyterHub. See [2] for a quick impression of the general functionality for the UW/SI2 use case. The video and the demo illustrate how MPContribs can be used to contribute, explore and feed data to the generic contribution details pages as well as a project-specific web application.</p><p>[1] MPContribs, arXiv:1510.05024, arXiv:1510.05727, MRS Spring 2016</p><p>[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbWde5StHnU (3:43min)</p>