Create a publication database for enhancing research visibility

2016-11-01T07:38:33Z (GMT) by Nader Ale Ebrahim
In a competitive research landscape, researchers can no longer afford to just publish and hope for receiving impact. To leave a mark, researchers have to take their impact into their own hands. Researchers need to keep all of their scholarly output in a database, to share through academic social networking sites. Researchers also, should create a "permalink" for each of their publications. A "permalink" is a stable, permanent (or persistent) link to an online journal article or subscription resource, that can be accessed from any computer at any time. It is often different to the URL that appears at the top of your browser - the link displayed there may be session dependent, and will only work for a particular person in a particular time period. This presentation provides guidelines on how to create a publication database for enhancing research visibility and citations.