Constructing a 3D Scanner for Radioactive Objects

<p>Over the past year, the Thomas Hardye research group has been developing a 3D scanner for radioactive objects based on Timepix microchip technology [1]. Although only a first prototype, this scanner, incorporating the Jablotron MX-10 detector [2,3] has proven to be a very interesting project, both in terms of the engineering challenges it presented, and the potential scientific value of its data.</p> <p>Please note that T. Whyntie is <em>not</em> an author, but has uploaded this poster to FigShare on behalf of the authors. This is <strong>DRN000212</strong> in the CERN@school document inventory.</p> <p>[1] X. Llopart et al.: "<em>Timepix, a 65k programmable pixel readout chip for arrival time, energy and/or photon counting measurements</em>", Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A. <strong>581</strong> (2007) 485-494</p> <p>[2]</p> <p>[3] J. Jakubek et al. "<em>USB interface for Medipix2 pixel device enabling energy and position-sensitive detection of heavy charged particles</em>", Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A. <strong>563</strong> (2006) 112-115</p>



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