CERN@school: Particle Detector and Beta Attenuation

2014-05-07T13:52:56Z (GMT) by Tom Whyntie Azaria Coupe James Cook
<p>This poster presents the work completed by the 2013 SEPnet [1] summer students during their internships with the CERN@school programme. After an introduction to CERN@school, three areas of work with the Timepix hybrid silicon pixel detector [2,3,4] are discussed: particle classification, radiation profiling, and the attenuation of beta radiation by aluminium shielding. Results and conclusions are presented. This poster was first exhibited at the SEPnet Student Expo at the Royal Institution of Great Britain on Wednesday 20th November 2013.</p> <p>This poster has the document reference number <b>CAS-PUB-GEN-000007</b> (formerly 000055) in the CERN@school document index.</p><p><i>The authors would like to thank SEPnet for funding the summer placements.  CERN@school was supported by the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) via grant numbers ST/J000256/1 and ST/N00101X/1, as well as a Special Award from the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851.</i></p><p></p><p>[1]</p> <p>[2] X. Llopart et al.: "<em>Timepix, a 65k programmable pixel readout chip for arrival time, energy and/or photon counting measurements</em>", Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A. <strong>581</strong> (2007) 485-494</p> <p>[3] J. Jakubek et al.: "<em>USB interface for Medipix2 pixel device enabling energy and position-sensitive detection of heavy charged particles</em>", Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A. <strong>563</strong> (2006) 112-115</p> <p>[4] T. Holý, J. Jakůbek, S. Pospíšil, J. Uher, D. Vavřík, Z. Vykydal: "<em>Data Acquisition and Processing Software Package for Medipix2</em>“, Nucl. Instr. And Meth. A <strong>563</strong> (2006) 254–258</p>



CC BY 4.0