Body cross-section of the flying snake Chrysopelea paradisi

<p>This file bundle contains the geometry of the body cross-section of a flying snake Chrysopelea paradisi, in its flying configuration. We provide the coordinates of the boundary, a gnuplot script to plot the cross-section and a PDF of the output plot.</p> <p>The snake geometry was used in the CFD analysis of the flying snake using the cuIBM code for incompressible Navier-Stokes. The results are part of a publication recently submitted for peer-review, of which the preprint can be found at:</p> <p></p> <p>The README file explains how to run the script to plot the cross-section geometry and gives reference to the other file bundles for our paper, titled "Lift and Wakes of Flying Snakes." </p> <p>The geometry used in this dataset and plot were obtained previously by J. J. Socha, and appeared in:</p> <p>"Gliding Flight in Chrysopelea: Turning a snake into a wing", J. J. Socha, Integrative and Comparative Biology, Vol. 51(6): 969–982 (2011).</p>