A consumer *value* theory of innovation in 3G mobile phones: a grounded theory approach

2017-12-01T05:13:14Z (GMT) by Richard Ferrers
<p>PhD Thesis. University of Queensland Business School. Main data: 26 consumer interviews, 10 telecom analyst interviews, web documents, 3G mobile phone brochures. Methodology: Grounded theory. Research Question: How do consumers understand value in 3G mobile phones?</p> <p>Abstract inc.: In this thesis, I examine how mobile phone consumers understand and experience value in 3G mobile phones, from the perspective of innovation theory.</p><p>Update: 1.12.17 Added hi-res pdf of Value Model, App 14, p.A36.</p><p>Update: 3.2.17 Added jpg of Value Model, Appendix 14, p.A36.</p>