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Razvan Antalut

Coder at figshare

Passionate about frontend, mainly focused on React and its ecosystem. Likes movies, tv shows and video games. If you ever have a movie you forgot the title to or who played who in it, pretty sure he can help you figure it out.

Florin Apetrei

Designing figshare

Our meticulous UX guru who has lead figshare`s design right from the start. Florin is a keen photographer, gamer and martial artist.

Corneliu Biro

Coder at figshare

An early entrant to figshare and a key fixture for team morale, Python enthusiast Corneliu has a love of travel, swimming and box set binging.

Chris Blumzon

Product Manager of figshare

Chris is awesome.
And a luchador.

Alexandru Buzduga

Automation tester at figshare

His degree in Electrical Engineering and experience in transmission electron microscopy and software testing mean Alex relishes finding and fixing problems in a sciency setting. Hobbies include playing tennis - which he coached in a previous life - trying out new food joints, and visiting friends abroad.

Florin Cantemir

Automation tester at figshare

Florin Cantemir has a bachelor`s degree in Accounting and Management Information Systems and a master`s degree in Computer Science. He loves ancient and medieval history, and is quite passionate about astronomy and all things about our universe. He spends his holidays traveling around the world.

Alina Coca

Coder at figshare

Alina is our eager-to-know frontend developer who sees the world through a kind perspective and loves her job. She believes that all the problems, including bugs, are captivating and they have a solution, you just have to want enough to find it. Even if she looks shy at first, she easily manages to attract people into her sphere.

Emanuel Dima

Coder at figshare

Emanuel has a background in computer science and likes programming languages. He is usually more comfortable in the abstract spaces than in concrete ones, but somehow manages to have a human family and friends.

Teo Dima

Coder at figshare

With passion for all things python and back-end programming, Teodor has servers at heart. Away from work, he occupies himself with photography and literature.

Adi Enasoaie

CTO at figshare

A former sports journalist and TV presenter, Adi was determined to make his passion of data mining his career. He`s found a home at figshare and enjoys building Boltzmann Machines in his spare time.

Mary Farrell

Account Manager at figshare

As an experienced professional in libraries, information management and publishing I have a keen interest in open access research and sustainability. When not in the office you’ll either find me reading a good mystery novel, watching real crime documentaries or out for a walk.

Eduard Gabor

Integration Engineer at figshare

Figshare’s trailblazing (literally, runs trail marathons for fun!) employee, Eduard brings a degree in Computer Science and a Masters to his role in Integrations in figshare. In his spare time when he’s not traveling through the mountains, he’s concerned about environmental issues, singing bass in a choir, and trying to get closer to Timo Boll’s table tennis skills.

Daniel Gavrila

System Architect at figshare

A voracious Linux advocate with a super-computer to match his skills, Daniel was the first figshare coder. A cat and family man, Daniel can usually be found reading technical books for fun. He`s in the right job.

Sorin Georgescu

Manual Tester at figshare

A teen basketball star and sports aficionado, Sorin`s sometimes painful attention to detail makes him a perfect fit for figshare`s QA department. His favorite pastime these days is playing Xbox games with his 7-year old son and listening to him playing the piano.

Radu Gheorghiu

Integration Engineer at figshare

With over 10 years` experience as a Support Engineer for companies from different IT fields, Radu brings a degree in Computer Science along with his passion for programming, relational databases and logic to his role of Implementations Engineer at figshare. He spices up his spare time with sports, video gaming and watching science fiction movies.

Teo Grosu

Integration Engineer at figshare

Having just finished her degree studies, figshare is the perfect place for Teodora to grow and learn new, exciting stuff. In her spare time, she likes watching sitcoms, going out with her friends and travelling. She’s always looking for new challenges and meeting interesting people.

Mark Hahnel

Founder of figshare

Mark is passionate about Open Data and Open Research and the potential this has to transform academia. He also has a crippling addiction to energy drinks.

Megan Hardeman

Engagement Manager at figshare

Megan has a background in publishing, marketing, and reading past her bedtime. When she`s not speaking with academics, she`s listening to School of Batman and travelling the world.

Alex Huddleston

Technical Account Manager at figshare

With nearly a decade of experience helping researchers and grants managers meet their research goals, Alex was perfectly poised to transition to the figshare team. When not working, Alex enjoys yoga, hiking, cooking (and of course eating), exploring a city with a good run, and far too much reality TV!

Anca Huiban

Coder at figshare

After completing her degree in Economics and Business Information Systems, Anca discovered that her passion for writing JavaScript and esthetics is what made frontend development her career choice. Besides her professional life, Anca enjoys drawing comics, playing boardgames, travelling and being a salsa dancer.

Kayleigh Lino

Technical Account Manager at figshare

Kay manages the implementation and health of Figshare repositories at institutions across the globe. A degree in documentary journalism led her to a career managing digital repositories and curating collections in both the academic and fine art sectors where she contributed to enabling open access. Outside of the office, Kay loves eating good food (but not cooking it), spending time with her rescue dog and cats, and working towards tasting every craft beer available on planet earth.

Andra Livadaru

Integration Engineer at figshare

Andra loves IT. She is trying everyday to improve herself. In her freetime she loves to travel with her friends, listening to music and play games. She also loves animals.

Andrew McKenna-Foster

Product Specialist at figshare

Andrew`s background in ecology and natural history collections propelled him into library school where he gravitated to data sharing and open science. In his spare time he runs, enjoys the natural world, and attempts to play the harmonica.

Roxana Nechita

Coder at figshare

With a degree in Computer Science, Roxana` finds Figshare a perfect place where she can learn a lot from passionate people. In the free time you have all the chances to find her buried in a book, shopping or cooking.

Silvana Oprea

UI/UX at figshare

Designer by day, Banshee Queen by night. A creative person with a passion for solving problems. When She’s not pushing pixels, you’ll find her on a hiking trail or trying out a new recipe.

Adrian-Tudor Panescu

Coder at figshare

The (way too) long-time involvement with both startups and academia made figshare the perfect place for Tudor. He codes in Python by day and dreams of having a pet pig by night.

Roxana Parfene

Operations Manager at figshare

Enthusiastic and passionate about human relations Roxana is fully dedicated to building and managing development strategies: a perfect match for the "happy at work" figshare atmosphere.

Natasha Punia

Head of Operations at figshare

After completing her PhD in Molecular Oncology she is now Project and Operations Manager at Figshare. Away from work, she loves going to gigs, reading, cooking and having intense discussions with anyone who is willing. Favourite holidays are Halloween and Pancake day!

Bogdan Rusu

Project Manager at figshare

With a degree in Economics and Business Information Systems, Bogdan started as a tester before moving into project management which he now leads for figshare. He tries to joke most of the time, with varying success ;) When outside work, he enjoys cooking, traveling, watching soccer and playing with his kids.

Andrei Stangacianu

Coder at figshare

Likes reading about space and fantasy.

Claire Turner

European Product Specialist at figshare

After 5 years in the world of gold open access publishing, Claire joins the team in championing the use of Figshare to support the delivery of open research at institutions in Europe. Having loved living in Lausanne for a couple of years, the lure of the London foodie scene was enough to draw her back. Will often be found trying out new cuisines and heading to the theatre in her spare time.

Ciprian Ursu

Manual Tester at figshare

Ciprian brings a degree in Automatic Control and Computer Engineering and a Masters to his role in QA team. Hobbies include playing football, tennis and watching movies.

Dan Valen

Strategic partnerships at figshare

Dan began his career in academic publishing and his interest (read: passion) in open science and technology catapulted him into the exciting world of research software. When he’s not busy repping as Team figshare North America, Dan enjoys long bike rides, longer podcasts, and geeking over craft beer.

Ana Van Gulick

Government and Funder Lead at figshare

Ana is the face, brain and spirit of figshare for our Government and Funder partners, taking the lead on everything from data curation, reporting, policies and engagement. A PhD in cognitive psychology before joining the world of academic libraries at Carnegie Mellon, an advocate always for open data and open science. Cooking, cats, yoga and elaborate cakes bring joy to her spare time.

Marius Zaharia

Manual Tester at figshare

Being an extremely organised and result oriented person, Marius naturally enjoys testing and is ISTQB - BCS Tester Foundation Level Certified. In his spare time he studies for his PhD and being directly involved in the world of research, he definitely understands the importance of the platform that figshare develops. His hobbies are music, sport, theology and psychology.

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