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This dataset was used in the following publication, which should be cited in works where the dataset is reused.

Larger and denser: an optimal design for surface grids of EMG electrodes to identify greater and more representative samples of motor units

Arnault H. Caillet, Simon Avrillon, Aritra Kundu, Tianyi Yu, Andrew T.M. Phillips, Luca Modenese, Dario Farina

eNeuro 1 September 2023, ENEURO.0064-23.2023; DOI: 10.1523/ENEURO.0064-23.2023

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This supplementary material provides for the 6 male subjects for the isometric contractions up to 30 %MVC and 50 %MVC of the tibialis anterior muscle investigated in the manuscript:

  • all the raw and edited HDEMG datasets (spike trains) that involved the grids of 256 electrodes (36 cm2 grid size, 4 mm IED) reported in the manuscript (Figure 1A) (both when the 256 signals were decomposed simultaneously or by individual subsets of 64 electrodes). Up to 81 motor unit spike trains were identified in a one participant during one contraction task.
  • the synchronized recorded force measured by the load cell