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The dataset of ex1 and ex2 (Perceptual Simultaneity and its Modulation during EMG-Triggered Motion Induction with Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

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Ex.1's data is avalable on "ex1data-all.csv".
"ex1-removeoutliers.R" removes outlier data and generates "ex1data.csv".
Fig 7,8 is drawed on "ex1-analysis.R"

Ex.2's data is avalable on "ex2data-all.csv".
"ex2-removeoutliers.R" removes outlier data and generates "ex2data.csv" and Fig 10d.
Fig 10a,b,c is drawed on "ex2-analysis.R"

The index is described below.

id: participants ID

answers mean in ex1:
1: "early"
2: "little early"
3: "sync"
4: "little late"
5: "late"

answers mean in ex2:
1: "early"
2: "sync"
3: "late"

DSI: Detection-Stimulus Interval. If DSI is 0 or 1, I defined it as stimulation before detection (negative DSI).

DAI: Detection-ACC Interval. Data in which the onset detections by EMG and ACC were differed significantly (by Smirnov‐Grubbs outliner test) were excluded as we concluded the EMG detections in those data were false positive (i.e., no actual movement followed after the detection by EMG).

DII: Detection-Instruction Interval. The trials where the onset is detected earlier than 250 ms before the instructed timing were also excluded; the onset is apparently caused by minimal, unintentional movements of the participants.

1: first day
2: second day
3: third day
4: forth day