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Temporo-Parietal Cortex Involved in Modeling One’s Own and Others’ Attention

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modified on 14.02.2021, 01:55

Dataset for the publication "Cortical Networks Involved in Modeling One’s Own and Others’ Attention" by Guterstam, Bio, Wilterson, and Graziano.

Average_t1_scan.nii - Average anatomical (t1) scan across all 32 subjects.

Source_data_Table2_and_Fig3.mat - Data for the main analyses (Table 2 and Figure 3). The order of the analyses in the data file is: row1=endo vs exo, row2=self vs other, row3=selfendo vs selfexo, row4=otherendo vs otherexo, row5=(endo vs exo) vs (self vs other)

Source_data_Table3_and_Fig4.mat - Data for the Social vs Nonsocial analyses (Table 3 and Figure 4).