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Real time history of wave parameters in Black Sea based on wave buoy measurements

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modified on 09.11.2020, 09:29

Dataset of mean wave parameters registered every 30 min by spotter wave buoy (https://www.sofarocean.com/products/spotter) installed in Black Sea region near Gelendzhik city (Russia) on water depth about 80 m and about 4 nautical miles from the shore (LAT 44.510 LON 37.970). The buoy was installed at 23 July 2020 in the frame of integrated coastal-marine scientific expedition "Black Sea - 2020" of Shirshov Institute of Oceanology (State assignments 149-2019-0005 and 149-2019-0014). The dataset provide 30 min averaged time history (Epoch Time) of wave parameters from this date and each 30 minutes up to 1 November 2020. Following wave parameters are available: Significant Wave Height (m),Peak Period (s),Mean Period (s),Peak Direction (deg),Peak Directional Spread (deg),Mean Direction (deg),Mean Directional Spread (deg),Latitude (deg),Longitude (deg). Also there are calculated real time estimations of Wind Speed (m/s) and Wind Direction (deg) (https://www.sofarocean.com/posts/wind-spotter). The data are in columns separated by commas, a symbol “-“ means no data. Some notes on data quality. Data such as they are transmitted by the buoy without additional selection. Sometimes there are spikes of the wave period (about 14-20 s) associated with the recording of ship waves in the presence of small wind waves (significant waves up to 40 cm high). Sometimes there are significant spikes of the height of significant waves associated with the fact that curious sailors and fishermen can raise a buoy on board the ship to see what it is. On 27 August 2020, the buoy was torn away by a strong current and re-installed at the same location on 3 September 2020.


RFBR 20-55-46005

RFBR 18-55-45026