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BenSassi et al.TransectSoundness-250219.xlsx

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These data are of a marked sub-population of broiler chickens that was tracked to investigate the soundness of a welfare assessment method called the transect method. Transects are paths delimited by feeder and drinker lines walked by the observer when assessing welfare. In this study, eighty birds were individually marked within the commercial house, and their movement was tracked during two days in morning and afternoon samplings. Data describe the farm and house ids, the transect where the bird was detected, the bird id, the time in which the assessment was conducted, the number of transects per house and the flock density. From these data, we calculated the detection rate per house sampling, the repetition rates per house and within transect. We also estimated the number of transects that repeated birds traveled as well as the sub-population distribution index.
This study complied with the Spanish legislation regarding the use of animals for experimental and other scientific purposes (Real Decreto 1201/2005).


Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity, General Directorate for Science and Technology, National Research Program “Retos de la Sociedad” Project #AGL2013-49173-C2-1-R