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Data repository for 'Quantitative association of anatomical and functional classes of olfactory bulb neurons'

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Data repository

Cellwise Euclidean distance matrices.pdf
Cell wise Euclidean distance matrices of n=95 neurons for morphological and physiological parameters ordered according to the morphological cluster analysis.

Data sheet.xlsx
Complete morphological and physiological parameters for n=95 neurons

Pairwise comparisons between physiological parameters.xlsx
P-values (pairwise Wilcoxon-Test) of cluster-wise comparisons of physiological parameters grouped by morphological clusters corrected for multiple testing by controlling the false discovery rate.

Statistical comparison of cell pairs.
P-values (paired Student's t-test) for pair responses from Figures 5 and 6.

Physiology parameters pseudocode.txt
Pseudocode of how physiological parameters were acquired.