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Figure 2

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Figure 2 | a-b,Surface geostrophic velocity (AVISO31) (black) and residual currents at moorings No 1,2,3 (a), 34-36 (at the same sites) and 37 (b) are shown in colours (3-daily averaged, layer 15-20 mab) for two deployment phases. The curved arrows indicate current veering during passage of eddies I-V. c, Rotary spectral density estimates of seabed currents at mooring site 2 are shown with lines 1,2,3 for total, clockwise (cw) and counter-clockwise (ccw) components and similar lines 4,5,6 for the surface currents. Lomb-Scargle60,61 rotary spectra were calculated with unevenly sampled (1 and ¾ hours) data over the period 2013.04.11 ̶ 2015.06.02. Confidence Intervals (CI=95%) are included. Integration intervals over long-term, mesoscale, inertial, and tidal + high frequency internal wave’s bands and their contribution (%) in total spectra are shown with lines 7. High_Res_Figure_2 ( Figure was plotted using MATLAB R2015b (