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CellCycle Perez-Posada et al., 2019

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Supporting information files S1-S19, and Video 1, for the manuscript Perez-Posada et al. 2020 entitled "'Cell cycle transcriptomics of Capsaspora provides insights into the evolution of cyclin-CDK machinery".

We characterized the periodic transcriptional program of Capsaspora in two independent cultures (Video 1), retrieving around 800 periodic genes (Supporting files S4 and S5). This dataset was further analyzed by comparative genomics and phylogenies; Supporting file S6 are the significant GeneOntology enrichments of each cluster of periodic genes. Supporting files S12 and S13 are cell cycle regulators in human with known periodic orthologs in Capsaspora; Supporting file S14 is the gene age enrichment/depletion analysis of Capsaspora cell cycle gene clusters. Validation of expression of some genes with qPCR can be found in file S11.

Supporting File S8 contains the list of species used in comparative analyses. File S2 contains the human and yeast sequences used as queries to retrieve MTOC orthologs in Capsaspora and other unicellular holozoans, and Figure S3 is the list of BLAST matches in Capsapora and other unicellular holozoans. File S7 contains the fasta sequences of cyclins and CDKS used in the pylogenetic trees, with the updated sequence of the re-annotated Capsaspora CDK1/2/3 also found in File S10. Files S15 describes the procedure used to retrieve gene identifiers for periodic genes of human, yeasts and plant datasets; as well as pipeline parameters to call for periodic genes in our reanalysis. Files S16 and S17 contain the metrics of shared periodic orthogroups between pairs of species. Files 18 and 19 show the GO enriched terms, for each species, of the genes conserved in the core set of periodic orthogroups, as well as the identity of the Capsaspora genes belonging to those orthogroups.