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Nectarivorous Bird Plant Visitation Networks in the Andes

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Matrices of bird-flowering plant interactions observed in the elfin forest of the Andes (Bosque Unchog, Huanuco, Peru). Present quantitative records of visitation of flowering plants by nectarivorous birds. MatricesNectarBirds.xlsx includes all bird visitors (hummingbirds, flowerpiercers and a conebill) that might visit the flowers illegitimately (robbing). MatricesNoRobbers.xlsx exclude nectar robbers (Flowerpiercers and conebills) and illegitimate interactions. Each database presents the observed quantitative matrix; it presents also probability matrices based on the abundance of birds (individuals captured in 100 net-hours) and plants (individuals/Ha); phenology (number of months of presence of birds and plants) and morphology (probability of interaction if the bird's bill is smaller than the plant's corolla. Source: Gonzalez, O. 2015. Bird-flowering plant networks in Andean montane forests. Doctoral dissertation . School of Natural Resources and Environment. University of Florida. Gainesville.


Premio Nacional para la Investigacion Ambiental of the Ministerio del Ambiente of Peru, Optics for the Tropics, Royal Society for Bird Protection, Idea Wild and University of Florida’s Tropical Conservation and Development Program field research fund