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Figure 3

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Figure 3 | a,The difference between the mean Eddy Kinetic Energy (EKE, defined as half of the horizontal velocity deviation from mean squared, isoline increment is 25 cm2∙s-2) of the altimetry–derived (AVISO31) ocean surface currents between the averaged eight El-Niño and seven La-Niña periods, calculated over 1993-2016. CCZ licence areas in the Tropical Pacific are shown with yellow and protected areas (APEIs) with green lines. b, Surface EKE over the BGR mooring site (star on a map). High_Res_Figure_3 ( Figure was plotted using MATLAB R2015b ( map in this figure was queried from Google Static Map APIs ( using the Get_google_map mapping package version 1.4 (


European Commission's Framework 7 Programme project - Managing Impacts of Deep-seA reSource exploitation (MIDAS), Grant No 603418