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TCR repertoires in human CD4+ T cell subsets: Effector/memory subsets, TCR alpha & TCR beta chain sequencing

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TCR repertoire datasets for sorted helper T cell subsets.

Includes metadata and preprocessed clonesets for eight sorted effector/memory T cell subsets: Tfh, Th1, Th17, Th1-17, Th22, Th2, Th2a, Treg.

CD4+ T cell subsets were sorted from 5 healthy donors PBMC samples.

Each sample is presented in two txt files: TCR alpha cloneset file and a separate TCR beta cloneset file.

Raw sequencing fastq data was processed with using MIGEC v.1.2.9 (Quality: threshold 3 different UMI sequences for each CDR3-containing clonotype), aligned with MiXCR v.2.1.1. In-frame TCR CDR3 repertoires were extracted with VDJtools v. 1.2.1.

Cloneset tables are in VDJtools software format: tab-delimited text files.


Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation grant (075-15-2019-1789)

Wellcome Trust grant (100326/Z/12/Z)