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Code and results accompanying the paper Automatic emphysema detection using weakly labeled HRCT lung images

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modified on 2018-10-31, 12:19
This file containts the code and results for the paper Automatic Emphysema Detection using Weakly Labeled HRCT Lung Images.

There are two parts to the code: feature extraction and classification.

The code for extracting features from the lung images can be found in folder "code feature extraction". The extracted features are stored in the folder "features". This part cannot be reproduced, because we are not allowed to provide the original lung images, but it may help in understanding the method.

The code for the classifier results can be found in the main folder. This code takes the datasets stored in "features" and uses classifiers in the folder "code mil" to create the results in folder "results".

The code relies on several toolboxes for MATLAB, such as PRTools and add-on toolboxes. For convenience we included this in the "code mil" folder.


Financial support from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), grant no. 639.022.010