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Figure 4

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Figure 4 | a, Dissolved matter plume core tracks (colours, concentration in parts of unit), formed by neutral tracers released in period I (April 2013) at three different dates (red a,b,c) marked on inset surface elevation (ζ, m) graph. Mooring site locations are labelled with M-1, M-2 and M-3. b, Plume core tracks formed by neutral tracers released in period II from ‘calm’ sources (1,4,5) and two more energetic sites (2,3) adjacent to ‘hotspots’ (shown in 12-hour intervals). c, Observed (blue) and modelled (green) residual current vectors averaged over 12-hours at 20 mab at mooring site 1. High_Res_Figure 4 ( Figure was plotted using MATLAB R2015b (


European Commission's Framework 7 Programme project - Managing Impacts of Deep-seA reSource exploitation (MIDAS), Grant No 603418.