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Alien fishes in Australia

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García-Díaz, P., Kerezsy, A., Unmack, P.J., Lintermans, M., Beatty, S.J., Butler, G.L., Freeman, R., Hammer, M.P., Hardie, S., Kennard, M.J., Morgan, D.L.,

Pusey, B.J., Raadik, T.A., Thiem, J.D., Whiterod, N., Cassey, P. & Duncan, R.P. (2018).

Transport pathways shape the biogeography of alien freshwater fishes. Diversity and Distributions,

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Date uploaded: 04/10/2017

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Department of Education and Training, Commonwealth of Australia (IPRS/APA scholarship); Invasive Animals CRC (PhD scholarship); ARC Discovery Grant (DP140102319); ARC Future Fellowship (FT0991420); Australian Research Council (LP150100375).