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Active Bayesian Assessment for Black-Box Classifiers

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modified on 2020-02-18, 00:48
To assess performance characteristics of neural models on several standard image and text classification datasets, we create assessment datasets based on output from the correspnding predicton models on standard test sets used for each dataset in the literature. The image datasets we use are: CIFAR-100 (Krizhevsky and Hinton, 2009), SVHN (Netzer et al., 2011) and ImageNet (Russakovsky et al., 2015). The text datasets we use are: 20 Newsgroups (Lang, 1995) and DBpedia (Zhang et al., 2015). For image classification we use ResNet (He et al., 2016) architectures with either 110 layers (CIFAR-100) or 152 layers (SVHN and ImageNet). For ImageNet we use the pretrained model provided by PyTorch, and for CIFAR and SVHN we use the pretrained model checkpoints provided at: For text classification tasks we use fine-tuned BERTBASE (Devlin et al., 2019) models. These models were all trained on standard training sets in the literature, independent from the datasets used for assessment.