Zeri & LODE

Published on (GMT) by marilena daquino
The Zeri & LODE project The project includes presentations, data, and evaluation of ontologies, mappings, and applications leveraging the RDF dataset of the art historical photo archive Federico Zeri. Mapping ICCD standards Scheda F and Scheda OA to RDF The mapping of the F Entry (i.e. Scheda F) and of the OA Entry (i.e. Scheda OA), the Italian content standards for cataloguing, respectively, photographs and artworks, to RDF is based upon a subset of cataloguing elements described in the version 3.00 of the aforementioned standards, released by the Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo e la Documentazione (ICCD). The project includes a number of slide presentations and the mapping documents, with plenty of example for mapping cataloguing records of photographs and artworks to CIDOC-CRM, SPAR Ontologies, and HiCO Ontology. mAuth - Mining Authoritativeness in Art History mAuth is a semantic crawler that harvest authorship attributions in the web of data and ranks results according to their authoritativeness. The conceptual framework of Information Quality measures that are implemented by the ranking model are evaluated by means of a user study. The project includes data collected for the sake of the user study and a number of statistics.
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