Zebrafish Simulation Data

Published on by Melissa McGuirl
This project repository contains data from zebrafish simulations of in silico wild-type and mutant patterns generated using the agent-based model from "Volkening A, Sandstede B (2018) Iridophores as a source of robustness in zebrafish stripes and variability in Danio patterns. Nat. Commun. 9(3231)." We provide simulation outputs under the default parameter regime and with different levels of stochastic length scale parameters. We also provide summary measures from simulations from an example parameter study where we vary the long-range interaction scale in melanophore birth. We provide results for wild-type zebrarfish and the pfeffer, nacre, and shady mutations. Authors: Melissa R. McGuirl, Alexandria Volkening, Bjorn Sandstede

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M.R.M. is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program under grant no. 1644760. B.S. is partially supported by the NSF under grants DMS-1714429 and CCF-1740741. A.V. has been supported by the Mathematical Biosciences Institute and the NSF under grant no. DMS-1440386 and is currently supported by the NSF under grant no. DMS-1764421 and by the Simons Foundation under grant no. 597491.