CT Scans for Segmentation Methods Paper and Mouse Osteoarthritis Paper

Published on by Eva C. Herbst

CT scans from:

"A new straightforward method for semi-automated segmentation of trabecular bone from cortical bone in diverse and challenging morphologies" 

  • Paper:
  • The algorithm is available on our Github repository:

"3D profiling of mouse epiphyses across ages reveals new potential imaging biomarkers of early spontaneous osteoarthritis"

  • Paper:

Most CT scans are from mouse tibial epiphyseal bone, + one human femur and one human cranial bone.

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cranial bone: Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity Clinical Research Starter Grant (grant no. 17DD46), awarded to Alessandro Borghi

human femur: European Commission via H2020-MSCA-RISE programme (BAMOS, grant no: 734156) and Rosetrees Trust for their financial support in collecting bone tissues (Grant no: A1184); both awarded to Chaozong Liu

research funding: OATech Network+ (EP/N027264/1, awarded to all authors) and OATech Network+ ECR Work Placement grant (awarded to Eva C. Herbst)

research funding: Anatomical Society (SSD 011018SEAL – v1-011217), awarded to Lucinda Evans

Medical Research Council ImagingBioPro Network Proof of Concept Award (MR/R025673/1)