Trabecular and Cortical Bone Segmentation Method

Published on by Eva C. Herbst
CT scans used for our methods paper on an automatic segmentation algorithm to segment cortical and trabecular bone. The preprint of the paper can be found here: The algorithm is available on our Github repository:

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cranial bone: Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity Clinical Research Starter Grant (grant no. 17DD46), awarded to Alessandro Borghi

human femur: European Commission via H2020-MSCA-RISE programme (BAMOS, grant no: 734156) and Rosetrees Trust for their financial support in collecting bone tissues (Grant no: A1184); both awarded to Chaozong Liu

research funding: OATech Network+ (EP/N027264/1, awarded to all authors) and OATech Network+ ECR Work Placement grant (awarded to Eva C. Herbst)

research funding: Anatomical Society (SSD 011018SEAL – v1-011217), awarded to Lucinda Evans