Eva C. Herbst

Postdoctoral Researcher (Biological sciences)

Palaeontological Institute and Museum, University of Zurich


  • Bony lesions in early tetrapods and the evolution of mineralized tissue repair
  • New insights into the morphology of the Carboniferous tetrapod Crassigyrinus scoticus from computed tomography
  • Natural barriers: waterfall transit by small flying animals
  • A New Straightforward Method for Automated Segmentation of Trabecular Bone from Cortical Bone in Diverse and Challenging Morphologies
  • A new straightforward method for semi-automated segmentation of trabecular bone from cortical bone in diverse and challenging morphologies
  • Modeling tooth enamel in FEA comparisons of skulls: Comparing common simplifications with biologically realistic models
  • Multi-Joint Analysis of Pose Viability Supports the Possibility of Salamander-Like Hindlimb Configurations in the Permian Tetrapod Eryops megacephalus
  • Spherical frame projections for visualising joint range of motion, and a complementary method to capture mobility data
  • In vivo and ex vivo range of motion in the fire salamander Salamandra salamandra
  • A toolbox for the retrodeformation and muscle reconstruction of fossil specimens in Blender
  • 3D profiling of mouse epiphyses across ages reveals new potential imaging biomarkers of early spontaneous osteoarthritis
  • Modern three-dimensional digital methods for studying locomotor biomechanics in tetrapods
  • The functional significance of aberrant cervical counts in sloths: insights from automated exhaustive analysis of cervical range of motion

Eva C. Herbst's public data